About us -
your insider connection

Asbæk Art Consulting helps you navigate through the diverse and complex art market ensuring that we always bring the right art into any project. We firmly believe in the power of art. Our services are individually tailored and aimed at creating a value that can provide a high return on investment, financially as well as emotionally.

Our consultancy business has existed for 6 years but we have more than 30 years of know-how from the gallery and advertising industry. Through our strong network and experience, we have the expertise needed to discover and match the right art with the right people, and to differentiate between the good and the absolutely best art that the market has to offer.

We keep our clients up to date with what is happening on the art scene, thereby enabling them to devote their time to what they’re best at while having access to the aesthetic pleasure and enrichment that high quality artworks can provide.

Consider us your personal curators for:
- Art Investment
- Starting an art collection
- Using art as branding
- Booking talks and seminars

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Co-founder and Partner Patricia Asbæk

Patricia Asbæk is a specialist in contemporary art and throughout her 35 years in the business she has been a key player in discovering some of the biggest names in contemporary art, while they were only starting out. Patricia Asbæk has a great eye for pinpointing the truly remarkable in art before the rest catches on. For something approaching a lifetime, Patricia continues travelling the globe, visiting all the major fairs, with art as her sole focus. She knows everyone in the art business who is worth knowing and whose advice is worth getting. Patricia’s heart beats for contemporary art, and it is this passion that uncompromisingly drives her. In pursuit of the best she never hesitates to take a chance on emerging artists, and her informed predictions tend to be spot on. Navigating with both heart and mind, Patricia is Asbæk Art Consulting’s ‘eye’.


Co-founder and Partner Thomas Asbæk

Thomas Asbæk grew up the in the gallery world, surrounded by art as far back as he can remember. After 10 years in advertising, he returned to his original love, contemporary art, with a strategic appreciation of the present-day imperatives and realities that affect art. Since co-founding Asbæk Art Consulting 6 years ago, Thomas Asbæk has built up a strong and extensive network among the world's leading galleries and has access to the best contemporary art on the market. It is important to note that major works are rare commodities that collectors line up to buy and therefore it is extremely valuable to have a personal inside connection. The insights Thomas has in today’s art market and his experience from the world of advertising are valuable assets when it comes to branding strategies and investment projects involving art. Thomas Asbæk is Asbæk Art Consulting’s analytical mind and ‘ears’.