About Art Consulting

If you are new to the art market, it often feels difficult to get an overview of the mechanisms that drive this complex machinery. There are many aspects that influence the directions and development of the contemporary art scene, therefore it may be difficult to keep your bearings and identify the true quality works of art on the market. Here is where acquiring the assistance of an art consultant can make a world of difference. Art Consulting can involve everything from analysis of artists, works and galleries to securing the necessary links with the key players in the market.

In today’s contemporary art scene the whole world can be seen as a gallery - as information on a work of art is only a PDF away. This has made the market much larger and as a consequence, much more confusing. Gone are the days where art was hard to come by and all deals where conducted in person and over a long period of time. These new times pose a different challenge, as the variety and the staggering amount of artworks available make it that much more difficult to identify those truly great pieces of art that will last.

Therefore a better and more refined filtering is needed in the process of finding the right quality work of art. An art consultant is a highly trained person, whose day-to-day activites revolve around cutting through the mass of works and finding the truly ingenious between the good, the bad and the ugly. The art consultant guides you through the entire process from finding the right piece of quality art work to your collection, to acquiring the piece at the right price and getting it sold for the right price when you feel it is time for a change of scenery.


Untitled af Cosima Von Bonin