The Art Consultant

A good art consultant possesses many years of in-depth knowledge and overview of the established and underlying markets of the art world. He must also preserve the curiosity and devotion that is needed to constantly travel the globe in search for the next truly ingenious work of art, keeping the network and contacts fresh and up to date.

At Asbæk Art Consulting we uphold a mixture of curiosity, experience and network of contacts to galleries, auction houses and private collectors that make it possible for us to identify and locate the best works of art on the market.

First and foremost, we use our skill set to obtain the right match between a signature work of art and the client. A signature piece is a masterpiece that defines the selected artist in style and quality. We navigate quickly and independently around the market and understand the trends and tendencies that are present on the contemporary art scene. We devote each day to keeping our skills sharp and up to date so that we can provide you with the overview and insight needed to guide you far beyond a given trend.

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