Art as an investment

Art is indeed a parallel economy, and it is no secret that the right acquisitions made at the right time can turn out to be fantastic investments.

We can assist you in making investments in contemporary art that will give you the best yield in both aesthetic and financial terms. We offer you access to the best works on the market and give you the necessary guidance throughout the entire process.

Good art is not affected by economic recession in the same way that real estate and shares are. Art as well as any commodity is subject to fluctuations of the market but a truly good piece of art possesses an element of surprise and attraction that will always appeal to collectors around the world. An added bonus is that good art can be enjoyed from the moment of acquisition until it is sold. Last year we accomplished an average rate of 33% return on our investments.

If investing in art through a company there are several aspects that are good to take in consideration as companies can get a tax write off on their art investments. Should a company acquire a painting for 100,000 DKK it can get a yearly tax write off equalling 25% of the paintings value, similar as with other operational costs.

We advice you, private person or company, about the possibilities and benefits of investing in art and offer guidance on the technical aspects surrounding the accounting of purchasing art.

Getting started with art investment can seem overwhelming when trying to find your way through the jungle of artists, art works and galleries that make up the contemporary art scene. Here is where we step in and provide you with assistance throughout the entire process, finding that right piece of great art and getting it sold again when you want something new or different.

The Steel Mosquito...These trees smell of Blood af Keith Tyson