The Art Market


There are many aspects that influence the directions, turns and development of the contemporary art scene, and it is the symbiosis between these aspects that creates the fascinating world of art. Below is an overview of the main contributors in the art market.

- is the hero.

The artist represents the fascinating unknown, which keeps the complex machinery of the art scene going. We, at Asbæk Art Consulting believe that an artist and his works are fundamental to the development of society, as art is often the first to break down barriers, explore the difficult questions and put focus on current social, political and aesthetic problematics.

However the question remaining is: Which artist has this x-factor, this ingenious gift that enables them to set the scene for the future?

There are many questions and therefore there is nothing wrong in acquiring some help. Here is where we come into the picture.

- do the work.

The best galleries find the best promising artists early on in their carrier. A gallery dedicates themselves to the artist and working from the needs and character of each artist, the gallery helps set up the ideal working environment and conditions. These services include everything from planning and budgets to housing and personal care, arranging for expos, price development and other general career strategies. The aim of all these tasks, held by the galleries, is to provide the artist with the optimal environment to grow and blossom into their full potential.

We at AAC have the connections and contacts to the best galleries, enabling you to access the best works of art.

- validate.

The museums and art fairs are the most concrete sources of validation for any artist. An art fair must ensure that it possesses the high standards and edge to preserve its relevance, and a museum must have an intriguing and fascinating collection in order to keep current. Therefore both of these vital sources for artist validation need the absolute best works of art in order to survive, hence they use large resources to stay on the forefront of the art scene.

We show you which museums and art fairs are true representatives of the current contemporary art scene.

- defines.
The art consultant is one of the contributors within the contemporary art scene that is hardest to pinpoint. The art consultant has the ability and experience needed to spot the truly great works of art from the rest. It isn’t enough to know and recognize the big artists of the past and current trends, because even great artist sometimes make poor works. The ability to spot the truly genius works of art between the good and the bad is what we as art consultants are specialists at, coupled with the ability to stay ahead of the trends. Here is where we make the crucial difference.

We find the truly great pieces of art for your collection.

- sees the potential.

Collectors are hugely influential contributors on the contemporary art scene; they keep the wheels of the art world turning and help ensure that the best works of art prevail. Some collectors specialize within genres, such as specific techniques or periods, but also sometimes specific artists. The collectors often focus on certain aspects within their collection, others however choose to differentiate their collections and collect across genres and styles, making the vast differences play against and with each other.

There are many ways to go about building a collection, there can be a great vision or focus but there are also the collections, which are built up over time, seizing the opportunity when it arrives. Others see great works of art as an investment. There is no right or wrong reason for building a collection. Each collector has their own conviction and vision – and all collections, both large and small, are part of ensuring that art continues to grow, evolve and prevail.

You can be a collector. Big or small - even the smallest collection can be considered a lifework.


No Title af Gert und Uwe Tobias

Untitled af Heimo Zobernig