Kickstart a Collection

We can help you to build entire collections from scratch, - or simply fill a hole on the wall.

We at Asbæk Art Consulting believe that art is an important source of personal inspiration and enjoyment. Therefore we go to great lengths to ensure that we as art advisers select the truly good art for you to look at. It is our insight and decades of knowledge that enables us to see past the current trends and guide you towards the truly great pieces of art that will endure. Getting the right work of art at the right time can also proof to be a very valuable investment.

Our contacts on the Secondary Market enable us to locate specific works of art that fit into your collection - if requested, we can negotiate on your behalf.

We can evaluate your current collection of works and give you input on the best course of action for each work. Should you keep it a while longer or should you sell and if so on which market, as the price difference between markets can be significant.

These services can be acquired on consultant time basis or by other agreement.

Untitled af Tal R